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  • Why choose patis laundry?

    We wash everything ourself. We don't send your laundry to a factory that uses big washing machines, high heat dryers and mix all your colour together. We’ll get your laundry done with no issue, the way it should be. And we can help you avoid exorbitant hotel laundry prices.

  • When and how do I pay?

    100% Payment should be made upfront. We do accept any kind of currencies. We only accept Cash.

  • Is there any annaul pricing plan rather than monthly?

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  • When will my clothes be returned?

    Typically the next day in the evening for standard service, 6-8 hours for express same day service, over night by noon for express over night service.

  • Where are you service areas?

    Our service areas are pretty wide cover all around Bangkok.

  • Can I have laundry picked up or delivered when I am not available?

    Yes. Simply leave your clothes with the concierge, receptionist, maid, flatmate, guard, etc. and we will pick up/drop off with them.

  • How can I make an order?

    1. Just fill the order form with full detail.
    2. Leave your clothes at the concierge,reception,maid,etc.please don't forget to put cash in an envelope with the clothes leave more than enough if there is any change will be returned.
    3. Just wait for our staff to contact you by E-MAIL or phone.

  • How much does my laundry weigh?

    Average orders weigh around 5Kg which is a couple weeks worth of dirty laundry. A standard size grocery bag full of clothes is about 2-3Kg.

  • Do you accept special requests?

    We do our best to accomodate all requests. Just leave a note in the notes section. If something needs individual attention, please submit it as dry clean

  • Will my clothes be mixed with other customers' clothes?

    No, never. Your clothes are always washed and dried separately.

  • What type of laundry products do you use?

    We use high quality products like Tide, Comfort, and Downy. If you’ve ever had your clothes washed at a local place, when you get your clothes back from us, you’ll know the difference.

  • What if something is missing or damaged?

    Please let us know if there are any problems with your order within 24 hours of receiving your clothes. We are not responsible for normal wear and tear.

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